Published: October 18, 2023

In a proactive move to enhance safety, 
Production Solutions Thailand conducted an intensive training and certification session on October 18, 2023, at their base in Ban Chang, Chonburi.

Dedicated to educating employees on the correct and secure operation of forklifts. The training aimed to equip staff members with the necessary skills to drive various types of forklifts proficiently, ensuring both efficiency and safety in daily operations.

The course covered several key aspects:

  1. Correct Operation Techniques: Employees had the opportunity to learn and practice proper forklift driving techniques under the guidance of professional instructors. This hands-on experience aimed to enhance their confidence and competence in maneuvering forklifts in a variety of workplace scenarios.

  2. Pre-Use Inspection Procedures: The training emphasized the importance of thorough pre-use inspection of forklifts. Participants were educated on how to conduct systematic checks to ensure the forklift’s mechanical components are in optimal condition before each operation. This proactive approach contributes to preventing potential accidents and ensures the equipment’s reliability.

  3. Maintenance Skills: Understanding the significance of regular maintenance, employees were trained on basic forklift maintenance tasks. This knowledge empowers them to contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the equipment, ultimately benefiting the company’s operations.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Watchara Yotika, QHSE Manager at Production Solutions Thailand, said, “Safety is paramount in our operations, and investing in training programs such as the Forklift Safety Driving Course underscores our dedication to creating a secure working environment. By providing our employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, we aim to ensure that they can perform their tasks with confidence and safety.”