Published:  December 27, 2023

The Production Solutions Thailand team brought joy and warmth to the hearts of the staff and children at Boonchoo School for Special Needs Children through our recent Christmas CSR program. The festive event, held on Christmas Day, was a culmination of the company’s 12-month long Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

The main highlight of the day was the distribution of red envelopes filled with holiday cheer to all the staff and children. The presents given to the kids added an extra layer of delight, making the Christmas celebration truly special. The spirit of giving continued with a delicious lunch organized for everyone present, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

A sweet touch to the event was the generous donation of ice cream treats by La Taverna Restaurant in Bang Sarae, adding a delightful treat to the festive occasion.

The Christmas celebration at Boonchoo School marked the end of Production Solutions Thailand’s year-long CSR program. Throughout the year, the company has been actively involved in various charitable activities, with a focus on supporting the special needs community.

“We believe in making a positive impact in the communities where we operate, and this year-long CSR program has been a fulfilling journey for us,” said Phil Marlow, General Manager at Production Solutions Thailand. “The Christmas celebration at Boonchoo School was a heartwarming experience, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to spread joy and make a difference in the lives of these wonderful children and dedicated staff.”

Production Solutions Thailand remains committed to its corporate responsibility, and the success of this program has set the stage for continued engagement and support in the years to come. As the company bids farewell to 2023, it looks forward to embracing new opportunities to contribute positively to society and create lasting impacts.

Special thanks to Charles and his team at La Taverna Restaurant, Bang Saray for joining in supporting the Christmas Day event.