Rig Cooling System


Rig Cooling System is comprised of an electrical submersible pumps that  lift seawater to deck level and feeds a diesel engine or electric motor  driven booster pump.

Water is pumped to a diverter valve manifold, which controls the flow through pipe or hard wall hose strings to strategically positioned spray nozzles to protect rig, platform and equipment from heat generated from flaring or other heat sources. The nozzles are designed to discharge optimum water spray for heat radiation absorption.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces heat radiation during well test flaring
  • Preserves installation integrity
  • Increases well clean up and flow rates
  • Reduces repair and standby costs
  • Personnel safety and compliance with HSE requirements along with API 521 compliance
  • Highly portable with rapid mobilization
  • Standalone source or installation of pumps
  • Absorbs and attenuates radiated heat flux from up to 40Kw/m2 down to below 3Kw/m2

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