Hydrocyclone – Desanders & Deoilers

Desanding & Deoiling Hydrocyclones are state of the art in solids removal and produced water treatment technology, optimizing the balance between removal efficiency, capacity and pressure drop, ensuring that separation requirements are met in the most cost effective way.

Used for solids removal from produced water, crude oil or gas condensate streams. In produced water applications solids are typically removed to protect downstream equipment or to facilitate produced water re-injection.

In crude oil or gas condensate applications they are mostly used to prevent build-up of sand in separators and pipelines and to protect sensitive items such as export pumps and heat exchangers. Due to the relative ease of separation of solids from liquid phases compared to oil water separation, (due to relatively large particles and high differential density), there is more flexibility to adapt the Hydrocyclone to a particular application to achieve the most cost effective solution.

Offering a number of advantages over alternative systems and operate on the principle of centrifugal separation. By being smaller, more efficient and without moving parts, they are ideal for small areas and offer a lower cost of operation. Using inlet pressure to induced spin forces the less dense fluid, called ‘reject’, such as oil, to a central core and the more dense fluid, such as water, to the outside of the tube. The dense phase exits through an outlet at the far end of the Hydrocyclone, while the light phase exits through a small orifice at the entrance end.

Feature and Benefits

  • Multiple liner system offer greater flexibility. Cyclone liners can easily be replaced to accommodate for lower flows.
  • Low maintenance and running cost, with no moving parts
  • High efficiency design and online turndown with optimum performance balance between flow rate, pressure drop and efficiency
  • High erosion resistance
  • Minimal control and instrumentation requirements
  • Integration with solids cleaning and disposal systems
  • All of our equipment is modular in design, which allows for easy integration with all of our other system components

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