High Pressure Piping & Valving


Production Solutions have one of the largest inventories of High Pressure iron in the region.  We provide high quality, high pressure flowline ranging from 2” to 4” diameter sizes and for all services.

Our flowline systems are manufactured by the world leading brands from integral forged steel with full  traceability records.

Our inspection criteria meets or exceeds the standards of all major oil and service companies. We have a wide range of flowline and valving products;
  • 2” & 3” Fig 1502 Standard and H2S rated flowline
  • 3” 15K H2S rated Safety Iron
  • 2” & 3”  10K H2S rated Plug Valves
  • 2” & 3” 10K H2S rated Target Elbows, Tee Pieces, Crossovers and DSA’s
  • 2-1/16” 5K, 10K and 15K H2S rated Gate Valves

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