Gas Compression

Gas Compressor
Gas Compressor (2)

Objective: Can be used in conjunction with other bespoke production packages such as WUU or used as stand alone in a variety of production enhancement projects. These units can be used for gas lift application to further enhance production. Larger units can be packaged at request.

Production Solutions provide comprehensive and Innovative compression and gas process systems for a wide range of enhanced production recovery applications whether it be offshore or onshore.

  • Gas Lift Injection and Gas Boosters or both with split and side streams
  • Wellhead Unloading & Vapour Recovery
  • CO2 Injection or Re-Injection
  • Fuel Boosters for Large Power Generation Plants
  • Gas Separation & Treatment
  • Gas Storage & Extraction

Our Standardized Well Unloading or Booster Compressor Packages are driver interchangeable; Natural Gas, Bi-Fuel Diesel or  Electric Motor. It is designed as 3 Stage Units that can be configured in the field to run as a 2 stage or a single stage unit If conditions change or testing different well scenarios.

The flexibility of this modular design of only 12’L x 8’W makes this unit a good fit for most applications. It’s possible to start with what you need and add or subtract units as your production increases or decreases.

Our recognized expertise in the design, and selection of equipment, reconfiguration and production system enhancements are always available to our clients to help them find the right solution.

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