Flowline Safety Restraint System

Essential to every drilling and production well site is a safe and secure flowline.flowline_2 Pumping high pressure fluids increases the potential for major safety incidents.

The Production Solutions inventory of Flowline Safety Restraint Systems will minimize risk hugely. The system consists of a series of interlocking synthetic loops that are connected to the major anchor points along the pipeline. These restraints will secure the pipe in case of rupture.

The design ensures the energy from a pipeline failure will be distributed evenly across the main load baring line and restraints.

Flowline Safety Restraint System have become standard requirements by most oil producers worldwide.

  • Certified up to 20,000 psi working pressure
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • -30°F to 110°F Operating Temperature
  • Fast and simple to Inspect

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