Equipment Rental

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Air Compressor  (3)

Production Solutions carry a large inventory of specialized production equipment including Well Unloading Packages, Mini portable gas compressors suitable for gas lift, Water injection pumps, High pressure sand filters and flow back equipment. All equipment is certified to international standards by a leading manufacturer with full traceability records available.

Production Solutions offer a range of additional adhoc equipment rentals to support our clients operations

  • Condensate / Storage Tanks
  • HPHT Coflexip Hoses
  • Production / Transfer Hoses
  • Hammer Union Surface Pipe Work
  • Crossovers /  T Pieces / DSA
  • Air Compressors / Generators
  • Gate & Check Valves
  • Hydraulic Control Valves
  • Emergency Shut Down Valve & Panels
  • Test Manifolds
  • Separator Vessels
  • Chicksan Lines
  • Workshop Containers
  • Choke Manifold
  • Multi Stage Pumps
  • Drilling & Production Spools

Equipment Sales

Sand Filter  (2) Our Fabrication division offers a range of equipment for our client’s operations. All of our equipment is built  to international standards and can be custom made to suit client’s specific requirements.  

  • Sand FilterGas Buster2
  • Chemical Injection Skid
  • Gas Buster
  • Pipe Basket
  • Condensate / Storage Tanks
Chemical Injection skid

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