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Electronic Data Acquisition System


Production Solutions Electronic Data Acquisition systems are extremely accurate, versatile and reliable in recording critical data for well site operations.

The systems consist of sensors, DAQ measurement hardware, and a computer with programmable software for real time display, connectivity capabilities and cost-effective measurement solutions.

We can provide data acquisition services for complete well test packages through to simple solutions to remotely monitor wellhead pressures.

  • Wellhead Monitoring
  • Surface Monitoring & Flow Rate Calculations
  • Real-Time Pipeline Velocity
  • Sub Surface Memory Gauges
  • Acoustic Wireless – Real-Time Downhole Data

Flowline Safety Restraint System

Essential to every drilling and production well site is a safe and secure flowline.flowline_2 Pumping high pressure fluids increases the potential for major safety incidents.

The Production Solutions inventory of Flowline Safety Restraint Systems will minimize risk hugely. The system consists of a series of interlocking synthetic loops that are connected to the major anchor points along the pipeline. These restraints will secure the pipe in case of rupture.

The design ensures the energy from a pipeline failure will be distributed evenly across the main load baring line and restraints.

Flowline Safety Restraint System have become standard requirements by most oil producers worldwide.

  • Certified up to 20,000 psi working pressure
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • -30°F to 110°F Operating Temperature
  • Fast and simple to Inspect

High Pressure Piping & Valving


Production Solutions have one of the largest inventories of High Pressure iron in the region.  We provide high quality, high pressure flowline ranging from 2” to 4” diameter sizes and for all services.

Our flowline systems are manufactured by the world leading brands from integral forged steel with full  traceability records.

Our inspection criteria meets or exceeds the standards of all major oil and service companies. We have a wide range of flowline and valving products;
  • 2” & 3” Fig 1502 Standard and H2S rated flowline
  • 3” 15K H2S rated Safety Iron
  • 2” & 3”  10K H2S rated Plug Valves
  • 2” & 3” 10K H2S rated Target Elbows, Tee Pieces, Crossovers and DSA’s
  • 2-1/16” 5K, 10K and 15K H2S rated Gate Valves

Frac Tree Systems


Production Solutions offers Frac & Production Tree systems that streamline rig-up and rig-down and improve wellsite safety with both manual and hydraulic actuated valving systems.

Our frac trees meet high-performance pressure pumping needs, while helping reduce capital expenditures. A full complement of associated equipment and services is also available.

Our packages are adaptable to varying service ranges including fracture trees for high pressure pumping to production trees ideal for flowback and well testing operations. Our services include field and office support, quotes and drawings. Field services include installation, onsite testing, maintenance, removal and refurbishment. Field service vehicles have been setup to facilitate fast setup and commissioning.

  • Pressure Rating: Up to 15,000 psi
  • Temperature Rating: -20°C to 177°C
  • Build Code: API 6A
  • Valve Sizes: 2-1/16″ to 7-1/16”
  • Outlets: 2” to 4” Fig 1502 Union or safety Iron Connections
  • Inlets: 4 x3″ Fig 1502 Union Connection

Chemical Injection System

Chemical Injection skid Depends on the varied nature of the well effluent, there are instances where the produced fluid has to be treated with different chemicals. Our air/gas driven, skid mounted standalone construction with or without chemical tank, high pressure, low volume chemical injection pumps are used for;
  • Prevention of hydrate formation
  • Cure forming problems
  • Reduce H2S content
  • Reduce wax build up
  • Reduce surface tension
Feature & Benefits 
  • Fully independent system, can be deployed with local air/gas supply or with one of our optional air compressors.
  • Modular – can quickly and easily install in just hours
  • Ports with valves and flow setting gauge to monitor
  • Optional electric models available upon request

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